Instructor Training Program

All Trainees will start by attending an 8-hour In-Person Instructor Training with our Director of Programming and Training.

Upon completion of the 8-hour training, trainees will then have 6 weeks to practice, co-teaching weekly with a Senior Instructor. After 6 weeks, the trainee will teach a Sculpt class solo with our Owner or Director of Programming and Training present. The solo class will determine if the trainee is deemed Certified and ready to be added to the MVMNT Society schedule or if the trainee needs additional training.

Training for additional programming will be offered after the trainee becomes certified in teaching Sculpt.

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You must complete twenty MVMNT Society Sculpt classes prior to the start of training.

You must be an experienced teacher, leading group movement on the beat for at least one year prior to attending training.


TECHNIQUE : Excellent form & alignment, clear vocal quality, authentic speak, intelligent cueing of all transitions.

ENERGY : Passion, dedication, inspiration and commitment.

PERSONALITY : Confidence, fun & fearless presence, command of the room.

MUSICALITY: The ability to identify, count, and teach on the beat.